Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the Phryg

This project is a digitally oriented music video in space.

The project will use composite images of a space scene (cosmic planets and what not) along with footage shot in front of a green screen. The green screen footage will be dramatically angled shots of the band. I will then composite the images of the space back ground, which will be animated to the music along with the green screen footage. This should result in a very cosmic spectacle that will boggle your eye balls.

Hugh McFall will be assisting in the production of the space background. My portion comes in the filming and composite edting of the images. I will use the RVTV studio and the green screen wall. Many times, issues arise in the lighting and the de-shadowing of the figures. I have used this equipment and multiple times before and have a clear knowledge of it. I work at RVTV so I have access to specific times and dates for filming. When the time comes to composite the images I have plans to create a foreground and background digital scenery. They way to do this is to use a matte and create what I call a luma sandwich. I will orient the image behind the green screen footage and in front of it. Then I will use the luma filter to draw color out from specific places and replace it with the foreground image. This gives the ability to make easier 3D effects out of 2D images.
Hugh Has already started working on the the background and has one planet finished thus far. The song has no lyrics so the imagery will tell a story for people. This story is one of a band who has found itself in the cosmos and its purpose is to please the planets with music. There will hopefully be lasers shooting out of guitars and drum sticks which will hit in time with the changes of the song.
This is a relatively common tactic for many bands yet I have not seen much anything like the vision I have behind the piece. My goal is to create something that is original in its ability to tell a story without words. That is what I want to do the most.

I have create a composite like this one time before and I have tweaked the luma filter for other reasons numerous times. Each project is different and in this case I am attempting to foresee issues in editing before I arrive at them in front of my computer. There is a new ROTObrush in CS5 as well as a content aware brush that I have seen through tutorials that I am curious about and may try to use this instead of the old fashion luma sandwich. If CS5 proves to be an easier and more aesthetic touch I will use it. This will take a bit of studying via online tutorials and hands on experimentation.

October 8th- Early production on the cosmos background

October 28th- Finished animated Cosmos and prep for green screen shoot

November 4th- Shoot green screen images and capture for composite editing

November 30th- Finish compositing images and applying music

December 6th- Show it to the world

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